Established in 2020, Terabit Micro Group, LLC

is a minority owned female business established to satisfy the critical housing needs required during a moment of crisis in our nation. TMG maintains a lucrative inventory of homes across the United States to ensure accessible, affordable homes are available to those who need it. As a veteran certified company, TMG extends priority allocation to military personnel currently serving and veterans.

Real Estate maintenance:

TMG prides itself to provide optimal service without incident to the following:

  • Facilities maintenance and repair
  • Information technologies services
  • Utilities operation and maintenance
  • Natural disaster response services
  • Custodial services
  • Roads and grounds maintenance
  • Security services
  • Fire safety
  • Mail, vending, and reception
  • Energy management
  • Construction management
  • Capital planning and budgeting
  • Vehicle and fleet operations and maintenance
  • Military housing management, maintenance and repair services

Disaster Response Teams

Members of TMG are Defense Support to Civilian Authorities (DSCA) certified and provide a range of knowledge and expertise that is second to none. Our priority is always on our communities and the mission, and we are unrelentless until the successful completion of the mission.

  • Facility management
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Travel trailer and mobile home
  • Haulers and installers
  • Security
  • Electrical contractors
  • Janitorial services
  • Hauling/installing trailers
  • Maintenance
  • Logistics

Janitorial Services:

TMG provides janitorial services throughout the United States and demands the highest standard of cleaning services from our employees. The team understands each job is unique and offers tailorable, scalable services to meet each specialized need. We offer:

  • Daily janitorial services
  • Hospitality labor services
  • Office Cleaning
  • Day porter services
  • Green cleaning
  • Carpet/upholstery cleaning
  • Recycling programs
  • Third shift cleaning
  • Clean room cleaning
  • Temporary labor
  • Chandelier cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Hood exhaust cleaning
  • Commercial kitchen cleaning

Other Support Services:

TMG also provides a broad range of logistics services across the United States without compromising a commitment to superior service. Seasoned managers and highly trained workforce provide government and private customers with a wide variety of logistics services including:

  • Supply management
  • Warehousing, crating, packing, and distribution
  • Transportation operations and maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Precision measurement equipment laboratory maintenance
  • Combat readiness support
  • Traffic management
  • Cargo management
  • Personal property management
Real Estate maintenance
Disaster Response Teams
100% Teamwork

Core Competencies

Cost Effective


Skilled professionals
Offer tailorable and scalable solutions
Quality remains our cornerstone
Cost savings to each Client

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